Diplomatic Passports

For the first time a highly respectable diplomatic appointment with a diplomatic passport is available.

Through our long time reliable and trusted contacts at governmental level we are finally able to offer a genuine diplomatic passport from one of two highly respected countries from only Euro 15,000, plus our referral fee of Euro 5,000 up to Euro 500,000 for an ambassadorial appointment..

As a part of this program you personally pick up your diplomatic passport and credentials direct from the ambassador of the country at their European embassy. Your passport copy, CV, a police report and proof of funds are mandatory. Processing time is approximately 4 weeks from the time we receive all of the above plus a fully refundable 50% deposit. The 50% balance is to be paid immediately prior to acceptance of your appointment.

Privileges of Accredited Diplomatic Passports are as Follows:

  1. You will enjoy the privileges and immunities granted by the Vienna Conventions of Consular and Diplomatic Relations.
  2. Your home and office will be officially designated as a consulate and therefore are inviolable.
  3. You may display “CC” (Corps Consulaire) plates on your car so that your status is known to the forces of control who may not detain you in any way.
  4. When traveling, you may use the diplomatic channel at airports and will not be subject to time delaying and annoying customs checks.
  5. You may purchase drinks, cigarettes and other supplies for your consulate duty free.
  6. You will be exempt from all forms of tax on any of your income in the host country derived from outside of that country.
  7. Doors, which may have been previously closed, will remarkably open once you have received your diplomatic status.
  8. Top restaurants, hotels and clubs, which may be “fully booked”, will suddenly take your reservation.
  9. You will receive free upgrades from many airlines to First/Business class at the check-in desks.
  10. You will automatically receive numerous invitations to Royal/Diplomatic and Society parties and events.
  11. You will meet top-ranking government officials and heads of state.
  12. You will boost your business success as well as your social status and prestige.

For full details please remit your proof of funds and a referral fee in the amount of €1,000 (to avoid the merely curious) and contact us to receive full particulars. Place DIPLOMATIC PP in the subject heading!


Understand that we have been entrusted to screen potential candidates for this unique and rare diplomatic appointment. Candidates for such a valued diplomatic appointment are to be a person of means, i.e. wealth, therefore source’s request for proof of funds and a referral fee.

The price ranges quoted are inclusive of all government fees, lawyers fees, and commissions, are simply a fair guideline and therefore are subject to change WITHOUT notice. If you are serious about applying for one of these options, drop us a line or send a fax asking for the latest fee structure, application form and information on availability. We will get this off to you ASAP.

Please note:

All documents offered by procuring agencies are guaranteed by same agencies to be absolutely genuine – no forgeries, no stolen or “lost” papers! You pick up your diplomatic passport and credentials direct from the ambassador at their Embassy.

Privacy World is not “selling” these passports in the sense that we issue them, fill in existing blanks or print them ourselves! (This should really be a given, but we do get inquiries asking us to do just that – sorry, folks, but that’s a strict no-no as far as we are concerned!)

What we do instead is to mediate between clients who are interested in obtaining a legal & official 2nd citizenship/passport and those agents & facilitators who are capable and willing to help them obtain it. If in doubt, please review our statement of referral policy and disclaimer !

Our non refundable referral fee is €5,000. Please e-mail a completed Order Form to start the process.


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