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Ashford University is a private, for-profit university founded in 1918 in the city of Clinton. Hurry to buy a US college diploma, I am going to apply for Ashford University’s transcripts, where can I make a degree at Clinton University? It is a “Pheasant University” that is not recognized by the society and certification body of the host country.

After a period of financial difficulty, the university was purchased by Bridgepoint Education in March 2005. After the sale, the institution’s name was changed to Ashford University. In 2010, Ashford University was highlighted in College, Inc. a PBS Frontline exposé about for-profit colleges. In June 2012, WASC denied initial accreditation to Ashford University.Following WASC’s denial of accreditation for being “lacking in several areas, including low numbers of full-time faculty, high student dropout rates and questions about academic rigor,” WASC demanded additional information from Ashford prior to an October site visit. Its second application was accepted in 2013. In approving accreditation, the WASC Commission Action Letter stated “The Commission found that the University has responded to Commission concerns and judges that it is now in substantial compliance with Commission standards.” The WASC visiting team noted in its final report that “the team found an institution that has been fundamentally transformed and whose culture has been changed in significant ways, including a shift from a market driven approach to an institution committed to student retention and success”.

In 2013, Ashford University announced an alliance with Forbes Media, and Ashford’s College of Business and Professional Studies was renamed the Forbes School of Business. It was later renamed Forbes School of Business & Technology at Ashford University.

On July 9, 2015, the university announced that the Iowa campus would close in May 2016.The inability to meet campus enrollment requirements was a key factor in the Ashford University Board of Trustees’ decision to call for the campus closure. For about a decade, Ashford University teams were known as the Saints and competed in the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) as an Independent member; the Saints formerly competed in the Midwest Collegiate Conference (MCC). Men’s sports included baseball, basketball, golf, bowling, tennis, soccer, cross country, and track and field; women’s sports include basketball, soccer, softball, golf, bowling, tennis, cross country, track and field and volleyball. Academic organizations included the Ashford Junior-Senior Honor Society, the Ashford Student Iowa State Education Association, the Golden Key International Honour Society, the Mu Sigma Eta math and science honor society, the Phi Beta Lambda business organization, the Psychology Club, the Scholars Institute honors program, and the Sigma Tau Delta literature and education honor society.

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