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The University of Ballarat is one of the three oldest national universities in Australia, providing students with a safe and comfortable learning and living environment;
The starting salary of graduates ranks among the top 39 universities in Australia, and the offered degree programs are internationally recognized;
With 25,000 students and 7,500 international students, it has an excellent language learning environment;
It has a sound education system, advanced teaching facilities, and flexible teaching methods.
More than 80% of teachers have doctoral degrees, and the ratio of teachers to students is 1:25. Small classes are taught and students can receive individual guidance.
Close contact with companies (the world-renowned companies IBM and GREENHILL’s R&D center are located at Helen Hill Campus);
The entry threshold is low. Under normal circumstances, the IELTS score is 6.0, and each individual item is not less than 5.5.
Tuition and living expenses are much lower than those in major cities such as Melbourne;
Students studying at domestic universities can reduce their time spent studying abroad and reduce their expenses through credits;

The University of Ballarat, or Ballarat University, Australia was a dual-sector university with multiple campuses in Victoria, Australia, including its main Ballarat campus, Melbourne, Sydney, and Adelaide that were authorized by the University to provide diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate programs. The university offered traditional programs, including business, information technology, building and construction, engineering, mining, education, social sciences, nursing, hospitality, and art.

The University of Ballarat’s history goes back to the gold rush era of the 1850s. It began as a tertiary school in 1870. In 1970, Founders Theatre was built at the St Helen campus after an appeal was made to commemorate the opening of the school 100 years earlier. The theatre opened in 1981

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