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As a world-renowned university, the University of Auckland offers more than 140 professional degree or certificate programs. The University of Auckland’s various qualifications will be recognized internationally. The University of Auckland’s tradition is proud of its graduates who have achieved success throughout the world. The University of Auckland is the only university in New Zealand to be included in the 21 University Alliance (Universitas 21) and the Association of Pacific Rim Universities. Members of these two organizations are limited to research universities that are internationally leading in all disciplines and must be invited to join. Ranked 85th in the world in 2018, ranking first in New Zealand. Founded in 1883, it is located in Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city. With 7 campuses, it is New Zealand’s largest comprehensive university with teaching and research, and has the highest ranking in New Zealand. As a “national treasure” university in New Zealand, it is a world-class research university with a high international reputation. The University of Auckland began as a constituent college of the University of New Zealand, founded on 23 May 1883 as Auckland University College. Stewardship of the University during its establishment period was the responsibility of John Chapman Andrew (Vice Chancellor of the University of New Zealand 1885–1903). Housed in a disused courthouse and jail, it started out with 95 students and 4 teaching staff: Frederick Douglas Brown, professor of chemistry (London and Oxford); Algernon Phillips Withiel Thomas, professor of natural sciences (Oxford); Thomas George Tucker, professor of classics (Cambridge); and George Francis Walker, professor of mathematics (Cambridge). By 1901, student numbers had risen to 156; the majority of these students were training towards being law clerks or teachers and were enrolled part-time. From 1905 onwards, an increasing number of students enrolled in commerce studies.

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